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Which State Law Prevails? Maryland vs Alabama

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  • Which State Law Prevails? Maryland vs Alabama

    I am an employer in Maryland. I am hiring consultants in Alabama to complete a job on one of our closed down locations in Alabama. They are not employees and are consultants. In our consulting agreement, they are giving pushback stating that Alabama law prevails in any discrepancies since the job is located in Alabama. Our Chairman disagrees and states that Maryland law prevails since the actual company is located in Maryland and they are consultants and not actual employees. I cannot find any information to confirm either argument.

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    If they're not employees (and it sounds like they are true IC's), then employment law is not at issue. This appears to be a matter of contract law and whatever jurisdiction you both agree to in the contract would apply. If you can't agree on a governing law provision, then maybe you need different consultants.
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