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  • Discharged Maryland

    I have a question on unemployment law and situations.
    I Was discharged last fall for violation of the co.s drug policy-random testing.
    We all had to sign a paper which said we would be let go if any random came up positive.Well i was tested and came up positive for thc and i doubt it was
    accurate but didnt contest it because of the paper we signed.
    I applied for uneployment recently and have an interview soon w/ them talking
    about the discharge. Is there anything that can help me in a situation like this.
    Thank u for any recommendations or positive suggestions. I am curently looking for work and just wanted to supplement my efforts.
    Thank you Janswers

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    You've probably waited too long to dispute the test results. Sorry, I don't have any ideas for you; I would be surprised if you ended up prevailing.

    In Maryland, a prior employer in the base period can contest the actual eligibility for benefits if you quit the previous job; I don't know if they can also contest if they terminated you for cause, but that's what it sounds like. Is the prior employer, in fact, doing that? Will they be on the call you mentioned?
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      Patty Thank u for replying.
      I imagine that my past employer must have contested the claim that was put in from unemployment and the call from unemployment is to tell me ive been denied
      benefits because of the reason for dismissal , and do i want to make a statement-were sorry. That is what i envision-(since i was dismissed)
      (so i was dimissed by my past employer, and now that employer is prob contesting my claim for benefits) and ive waited too long anyway, so maybe i need to let this go , and this is the best thing i can do here?
      (I am wondering if u feel that way-thanks for your insightful opinions!)
      So, Thank you for your information and i see that there's probably nothing that can be done i just thought i'de see what maybe possible. I was told that maybe i should try anyway to apply- I see that i prob have my answer.
      T.U again Patty , Have a good week-
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