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  • overtime pay Maryland

    I am a registered nurse. I work private duty for an elderly client. I have been employed for 4 years working 60 hours a week. The POA refuses to pay overtime. Am I entitled to overtime pay? I was hired privately and do not work for an agency.

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    POA = Power of Attorney?

    The "employer" is not required to pay overtime by federal law. The Fair Labor Standards Act applies to businesses with revenue of $500K or more and dealing in interstate commerce. If it applies to an individual contractiing personal services, I would be surprised.

    You and the other party can negotiate the terms under which you will work and be paid, but don't look to FLSA to bolster your position.
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      Agree with ScottB.
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        Past that, even if FLSA is applicable in some general sense, there are some potential specific exceptions for both RNs and caregivers.

        RN exception

        Home care workers
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          There is also nothing in state law that would contradict this.
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