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Just Unfair? Maryland

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  • Just Unfair? Maryland

    This is a in regards to my wife's job situation.
    She has worked for a private physician for 6 years, and recently decided to leave. She applied and got an offer letter from a local hospital. During this process she was told a few things.

    1. That she could work a certain shift.
    2. That the hospital would be implementing some new things suited towards her role at the hospital.
    3. She would get paid X/hr. (this is in an offer letter)

    So, we began the process of moving our children to the new hospital's daycare (and have moved 1 of the 2), and my wife came on part time until her current 3 month required notice expired (per her previous contract). During this time, she has made the rate that was given in the offer letter, but also during this time, the supervisor who hired her left/quit? the hospital. A few weeks later and my wife has been told by the new supervisor (separately, a few days apart each time) that.

    1. Everything the previous supervisor said is null and void , meaning that she may not get the shift she was told she would. (and won't find out the new shift until a week before she is to come on full time)
    2. That they are not implementing the changes in the department, and
    3. That because they are not implementing the changes that the original hourly rate of pay on the offer letter is no longer good, and she will make a lower rate.

    They have offered to send her a new offer letter with the lower rate. Is this just unfair? Are they breaking any rules? I figure they're probably not, but I'd like your opinions.

    P.S. what kind of rules does maryland have with regards to personnel records? We requested from the hospital her records, but they said it would just include the offer letter and her resume, everything else like interviewing stuff and all she could see if she came to the hospital, but not have copies of. We really just wanted to see if the verbal stuff (that the previous supervisor had said she had written down) was in there. Although that might not even matter.

    Sorry for being so long winded.
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    Is this just unfair? Yes, it's just unfair.

    Are they breaking any rules? No laws are being violated. Apparently the new supervisor isn't in agreement with the plan the prior supervisor wish to implement.

    In Maryland, only public employees have the right to inspect their personnel records.


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      Thanks for the quick reply. As I figured and unfortunate, but we'll survive.