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Time Sheets for salaried employees Maryland

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  • Time Sheets for salaried employees Maryland

    We are a small consulting firm. Our hourly employees are required to fill a time sheet on a regular basis. In it, they will include project work as well as administrative work.
    Question: what about our salaried employees. We have them fill the time sheets only for billable work. We do not ask them to add the non-billable hours such as administrative hours or meeting etc. Do all of the employees need to fill the time sheets the same way or can we not track the non billable hours for salaried people?
    Thank you

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    Federal laws require you to track non-exempt hours worked on a daily basis.

    That does not prohibit you from doing more than that, including for exempt employees.

    However you want to set it up is totally up to you.

    With Exempt employees, you are paying a flat rate per week, no matter how many hours they work, but you are missing the real cost of the job by not tracking all hours worked.
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      Since hourly and salaried are not legally protected designations, it would be legal to have different reporting rules for each. Go with what makes sense to your organization.
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