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Discrimination??? Maryland

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  • Discrimination??? Maryland

    An employee has to work Saturdays and was aware that when taking the job, working Saturdays were a requirement of the job. What if the employee no longer wants to work Saturdays, because they have changed their religion since taking the job, and their religion does not allow them to work Saturdays? (There is no option to bring in another employee just to work Saturdays.) It is believed the employee simply doesn't want to work Saturdays any longer, and is using this as an excuse in order to get Saturdays off., but we have no proof. What to do? Does the employer say "Sorry, you knew Saturdays were a requirement of the job"?? If so, any ramifications?
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    Originally posted by joec
    Seven day Adventist?
    Or Jewish...
    Please Note: My "warm and fuzzy" font is not working, therefor my posts will be direct and to the point.

    Thank you in advance for your anticipated understanding.



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      Seventh Day Adventist - but does it matter?


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        Thanks for your input. Uggghhh! What to do?? No money to hire an economist!


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          OK, first, you can require dicumentation from his church that he is forbidden to work on Saturdays. If this employee is a practicing member, then it is very likely that his religion does forbid working on Saturday (at least until Sundown).

          Once you know whether you are dealing with a mere preference not to work that day (which you don't need to accommodate) or a true tenet of his religion, I'd sit down and discuss whether an accommodation is possible. Being able to show that you made a good faith effort to find a way to work with this can go a long way toward defending against a claim of discrimination should one later be made. Perhaps this person can switch days with someone else. Hiring someone else to cover just that day would not be reasonable and it doesn't take the report from an economist to demonstrate that. I'd ask the employee for their suggestions as well. If there truly isn't a reasonable way to allow this person off on Saturdays without inconvenicing others or incurring the expense of hiring another employee, then you can insist they work Saturday anyway, or resign/terminate.
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            Thanks, Elle. I was going to handle it exactly the way you suggested. Now I feel much more comfortable doing so.