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Wanting unpaid wages Maryland

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  • Wanting unpaid wages Maryland

    I was employed at the same construction company for 10 years . I left that company a year ago. I was required to be at owners house to pick work truck up at 6:30 but did not start time until 7:00 can I recover that half hour of pay that i was not paid for all those years?

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    Maybe a lawyer could get you all ten years.

    The Department of Labor will go back two years. Three is the max unless there is willful misconduct on the part of the employer.
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      The limitations period on the state wage claims is three years from each shorted paycheck (willful or not). Scott is right about the Federal claims (2 years; 3 if willful). In any event if you have any hope of recovering any wages you must take action now since every week that goes by is another pay period lost to the statute of limitations.


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        The SOL for MD under the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law is 3 years and two weeks from the termination date. Technically in MD you don't have a breach of the law until the payment is two weeks late.

        So, if you file now, the money owed from more than 3 years and 2 weeks ago is barred.

        However, if you file through the courts, it is possible to recover up to three times the amount owed as well as attorney fees.
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