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  • My boss resigned


    My boss has resigned, and I have been put in a very precarious situation. I have been working for a hospital for eight and a half years. I have a good reputation in this hospital as a hard worker and volunteer. My x-boss notified everyone the week of January 15, 2007 that he wanted to resign. He was hoping to stay here until May but was told he had to leave by March 1st so he did. This department is a three person department but the other employee took a promotion to another department. This left me here by myself. The powers to be here decided to merge this Department with Finance, and Finance told Human Resources that did not need Administrative help. I was told by the Director of Human Resources, unfortunately, at a dinner that same week, not to worry that she would find a position for me. There have been five positions opened since then. I applied for all five but have only been interviewed for two.

    A couple of weeks ago, I was told by the Executive Director of Finance that they wanted to keep me here through the transitioning and hiring period. They are going to hire a director and analyst but do not want secretarial support. Anyway, last week when it came down to the wire that my boss was leaving, I contacted someone in Human Resources, and was told that I would be going temporary to another department. The position in this department opened to a full time position so I applied for it. Anyway, I move all of my personal stuff down to this position. There was a mistake in my payroll so I contact the Supervisor of Finance and told her what was going on. She went to the Executive Director, and the next thing I know I am back in my old position. Was I given a choice, absolutely not? Then I am told that I could do mundane things like help Finance move and file while they are awaiting to make the transition and hiring here. I am also told that if I get a full time job they will not hold me back. Unfortunately, after I got home last night I thought about how this whole situation is unfair to me. I rarely think about myself but at this point in my life I am tired of thinking about helping others out. I want to know what my rights are, such as, should I have been offered any of those open positions? What should I do now? I have a problem I am 54 years old, and I seem to be having a problem with my age. I have noticed that some of the positions I have applied for both inside this hospital and outside have hired younger people. Please help?


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    Unless you are working under a union contract which requires positions be posted, you get on a list, etc., there is really no legal recourse for you.

    There is no law requiring a company post open positions, solicit internal candidates, and interview them. There is also no law prohibiting the employer from moving you from department to department and changing your job duties as needed. I don't disagree that it's probably unfair, but I didn't see anything illegal occuring as you detailed the situation in your post. Hiring "younger people" is not, in and of itself" illegal discrimination. Do you have any reason to believe that you were not considered for other positions solely because of your age?
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      Boss resigned

      No, I am not sure. It's just that I know this hospital very well. Lately, I noticed alot of younger people being hired and most of them have attitude problems which this hospital claims they do not tolerate. I also know that they hire relatives here even if that relative is not as experienced as a stranger. I was never a "union" person but I think I will now push for this hospital to be "unionized".

      Thanks for the information.



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        A fair number of young employees have "attitude problems." That's nothing unique to your place of employment. Given that the candidate pool for jobs (in general) ranges in age from 18 - 65, then there's a high degree of statistical likelihood that someone younger than you will be hired, since the bulk of candidates are simply younger than 54.

        If you feel you are being denied internal opportunities for which you are qualified because of your age, you should tell your HR representative that. Organizing a union will not solve any favoritism being shown in the hiring of employees because they are related to current employees Management always decides who to hire, not the union.

        I do think you're getting jerked around a bit at work, but that seems to have more to do with poor planning and/or plans changing week to week, as can happen. I hope you are able to settle into a position soon that's a good fit for you. On the positive side, they ARE trying to keep you working, which they aren't obligated to do. They could have eliminated you and your job some time ago. Good luck.


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          It might be unfair but given the fact that your department is disolving and you are needed to help with the transition, it isn't all that unusual. As the others have said unless you are being turned down for jobs because of your age, it isn't illegal. It is not illegal to prefer to hire the family member of a current employee over someone else.

          I'd grin and bear it for a bit longer as your boss just left less than a week ago and such things rarely run seamlessly.
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