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Company refuses to payout commissions due Maine Maryland Maryland

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  • Company refuses to payout commissions due Maine Maryland Maryland

    This issue is strickly Maryland not Maine

    This has been a long and exhausting road with my company. I have been with my company for 3.5 years in a sales position. Throughtout my employment I have had continuous issues regarding receiving payment of my commissions. In October I sold a deal for 1.2m and my total commissions are around 60k. They have managed to payout a total of 18k in November but, continue to try and negotiate a payment schedule for the rest of the commissions. I am not interested in being flexible and would like a total payout of the monies owed to me. I have been trying to get payment for a couple of months and it doesn't appear they are going to make this happen.

    The second issue is that they have revised our commission plan, in the plan it states that a sales person can not make over 10k on any one given deal. (WOW....that is just amazing to me ) Well I am willing to over look that however, in the last paragraph of the document it states: "If a participant's employment with the company is terminated, either voluntarily or involuntarily before payment of award, or if a participant engages in conduct which gives rise to a suspension or some other form of diciplinary action, notwithstanding any other provisions of the plan, the participant shall automatically become ineligible to receive all or part of an award, subject to the sole and absolute discretion of the company to decide otherwise". This I do not agree with simply because they still owe residual income and it gives them an excuse to suspend or terminate me for whatever reason so not to pay me. If they are having this much difficulty paying me then I don't trust any document like this.

    FYI...this is a 19 billion dollar organization.

    I have spoken with an atty. However, at this point I am not sure which direction to take. If I take legal action there is no turning back. However, if I continue on this road it appears we will continue to be at a mexican stand off. Not to mention it is going to become extremely costly to go the legal route.

    If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

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    If you are already working with a lawyer, what exactly are you expecting from us?

    The only part I'm going to question is it taking a lot of money to pursue recovering the commission that is due to you. You would file for this with the DLLR and it is free. See here for details
    I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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      I am not working with an attorney...If I were I would not be requesting feedback from this site. I spoke with an atty one time just to find out what the procedures might be but, have not moved forward with any firm arrangements.

      Thanks for the site.....