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Maryland Labor Heavy Lifting Law

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  • Maryland Labor Heavy Lifting Law

    Hello. We deliver 3-400 lb Air Conditioning Units and Furnaces. We're always getting safety meetings about getting help for heavy objects before lifting. However, when you get to the contractors whom has ordered these units they don't offer any help to get these units off the truck. Is there any laws in maryland about how a company can force employee's to handle these heavy bulky units by themselves with no help? thanks.

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    OSHA has no standard restricting how much weight a worker may lift and I doubt that any states do, either.

    Your employer should provide material handling equipment, such as Tomy lifts on the trucks and dolleys. While there are no legal penalties should they not do this, there are financial ones, in the form of workers comp deductible payments and increased workers comp premiums following the injuries that will inevitably occur.
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      No, Maryland does not have any regulations on this.
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