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Work hours per week...forced overtime Kentucky

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  • Work hours per week...forced overtime Kentucky

    My work recently enacted forced 6th day overtime(Saturdays) for a six hour shift. No big deal really.

    But, they have stated that if we call in we can be given "points" on our record that after 6 points could end in termination. So, if we want off in advance we have to request it off to not receive points. But, if we are sick and call in it still yields a point. In our present system if you call in and are sick if you use sick/personal time you wont be charge with a point. Except for these new Saturdays.

    Mgmt has been passing around printed out paperwork regardign KY Mandatory Overtime Laws.

    I'm just wondering if they could really fire someone for not working mandatory overtime while not giving them the option to use personal time to avoid the point system.

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    "Mandatory" overtime is legal. And the "points" system is nothing addressed by wage and hour law so, yes they can. There is no law requiring the employer to allow paid time off.
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