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Secretary changing timecards Iowa

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  • Secretary changing timecards Iowa

    I've been noticing for the past 2 years that my timecards are being changed by the secretary when they are calculated for the paychecks.

    we work 7am-1130, take 30 minute lunch and then come back 12-330

    ive been going in at 6:50 and leaving at 335, which to my understanding is 15 minutes that should be counted as overtime if 40 hours worked.

    a real example of my timecard

    7-1132=4.50 hours
    1231-330= 3.50 hours

    654-1132=4.50 hours
    1201-335=3.50 hours

    651-1131=4.5 hours
    1202-239=2.65 hours

    655-1132=4.5 hours
    1204-334=3.44 hours

    7-1130=4.5 hours
    12-330=3.5 hours

    it was wrote down for 39.09 hours

    i added up all the minutes worked and i shouldve got 39.73

    my question, is can the secretary do this? say i work 645-1133 and come back 1203-333, can she change it and only pay me for 7-1130 and then 12-330? if i take lunch at 1133 and come back at 1203 for a full 30 minutes, i get docked for being "3 minutes late" even though my lunch was a full 30 minutes and no more.

    once i arrive at work at 650 i start working, i dont wait till 7.

    the secretary comes in at 6 and works till 4 and pays herself for every minute of overtime.

    shes been doing this to me for 2 years and im looking to put an end to it. the raise i was given is taken out due to the secretary changing my timecard to not pay me untill 7.
    she also docks me 30 minutes or more if i dont sign out at lunch, when i feel like working through my lunch break because our production is behind.

    she hasnt signed out at lunch the past week, and pays herself for that 30 minutes as overtime, as if she worked 30 minutes extra that day.
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    1. The employer (not the secretary) must pay you generally based on actual hours worked.

    2. Overtime is hours worked past 40 in the workweek.

    3. There is a major exception for rounding that needs to be looked at.

    4. If the employer (not the secretary) is failing to pay the employee (you) based on the above rules, file a wage claim with your state DOL. Do yourself a favor a do not mention the word "secretary" because you hurt your case every time you do that.

    5. Labor law is a floor, not a ceiling. Even if the employer (not the secretary) is paying one of their employees (the secretary) better then legally required, that is not by itself against the law.

    6. Keep your grievance directed where it belongs, at the employer.
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