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Adjusted time clocks not being honored Iowa

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  • Hemmor
    started a topic Adjusted time clocks not being honored Iowa

    Adjusted time clocks not being honored Iowa

    We just recieved a memo from our corperit office today, as follows:

    I suggest that everyone remember to clock in. Pursuent to Item 6024.39 of the Federal Wage and Hour Act, all "Adjusted Time Clock" adjusted backwards for "Time In" WILL NOT be honored.

    Is this leagal? I have searched online and found no reference to the law he is refering to.

  • DAW
    It is logically impossible to prove a negative. Just because I (or anyone else) has ever seen a Bigfoot does not mean that one does not exist.

    The Federal Wage and Hour Act is called the Federal Labor Standards Act, or FLSA. I have a copy of the act in PDF form at my desk which I have read. I am generally familiar with most of the FLSA regulations. I have some familiarity with the very poorly written federal DOL manual. I have the American Bar Association's book on FLSA, which I have also read. I have done a key word search on Google give what you just said, and found nothing. I have never heard of what your employer claims, and I am fairly certain that they are wrong.

    File a wage claim. Then the employer can try to convince the government that this is something other then Bigfoot.

    Just to be sure, assuming that you are a non-exempt employee, then the employer must track actual hours worked, pay at least minimum wage (on a workweek basis), and pay overtime if applicable (on a workweek basis). What you describe seems to violate basic FLSA provisions.

    You could call up federal DOL and get a second opinion. And unlike me (and the employer), federal DOL's opinion actually means something.

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