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Co-workers out to get me fired. What can I do? Iowa

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  • Co-workers out to get me fired. What can I do? Iowa

    I work in a state mental hospital as an aide. I have worked here for over 20 years, and recently I have been harassed and lied about by my co-workers. They are telling my supervisor that I have hit, pushed, & swore at the patients. All of this is not true. I have been investigated every time that they have made an accusation. Each accusation has been unfounded as abuse. However, it is just a matter of time before something will be said, and I will not have a witness, and they will get me fired. I have talked to my supervisor and the Director of Nursing. Nothing has been done. All I am told it that there will be a class on harassment and bullying in the near future. What recourse do I have against the co-workers, and against the supervisors for not doing anything when this has been brought to their attention? Help me please!

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    So how do you know this and why do you think this is happening? Certainly your co-workers have better things to do.

    You say there have been accusations of patient abuse, the accusations have been investigated, and abuse has never been found/proven. How long do you think this is going to continue before the-powers-that-be just start ignoring the boy who cried wolf?
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      It all started with a personality clash with some new employees. I am from the old school and being here for 20+ years makes me old and stupid in their eyes. They (new employees) don't seem to really want to be there and do their job. Trying to cut corners and just laze around. I have been on their tails to do the job and they don't want me around. I have others say they have overheard them talk about me and that I am old and stupid and should quit. Then they say, we will just get her fired. Now this is all hear say, I have no proof. But I can not be afraid to utter a word or do my job if someone is always trying to turn what I do or say into abuse. There are 3 employees that I have to work with on a regular basis that are involved. So at any given day one of them is working with me. I know this sounds paranoid, but this has happened before, that is where they go the idea. We have a union, but I 'd don't know if they can help. Upper management just seem to be turning a deaf ear to the entire matter. But this is my job and life they are trying to crush. During work hours I have to endure sarcastic comments, vailed threats, and person slams. They are always done with only me around. I have only my word against them. What can I do??? Help me!


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        I have been on their tails to do the job Perhaps you should stop doing this. While you have the best of intentions, you're not their supervisor and most people don't like to be told what to do other than by the boss. Looks like you should take a step back and let management deal with any performance problems these three are having. Good luck.


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          Did you think bossing them around was going to make you more popular with them? How would you like someone who wasn't your boss or any sort of authority figure coming around to you when you were new, watching over you and telling you how to do your job and acting like a know it all? Think they would become your new best friend?

          If there is a problem with the work they are doing, and I mean legitmate problem that could actually hurt someone and not just that they don't do things the way you think they should be done, you need to bring it to the attention of the manager and let them deal with it. If upper management knows about it and is not acting, it sounds more like a personality clash rather than a legit complaint about work quality. Not everyone does things the same way.
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            I understand how it can be hard for you
            It is common (sometimes its with good reason you feel that others are not pulling their load and you are doing more work then they are) (Soemtiems many who have been in the workplace for awhile feel that there are alot of slackers now compared to when we first started)

            I Bartended at a private golf course and the people who slacked off and went home early where considered the "Good Workers" yet that left me and another lady to cover for them and do their side work and since we had to stay late because we were both Conscience Employees who cared about our jobs, we ended up being the "bad employeees" who would milk the clock according to management. (like who would want to milk the clock for 7 bucks an hour) we made our money thru tips not thru hourly wage) Management of course could not understand that concept but thats another story:}

            I am sure that people who were there when we started our jobs felt we were the slackers at times while they busted their tails.

            Remember though you can only change yourself and not the other people so you need to first look inside yourself and make the change happen.

            The amazing thing is once you create a change in yourself it most often times creates a positive change in others.
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