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Tattoo's and employee policy Iowa

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    I fully understand now and have absolutely no issues with the answer I've received. I was simply making a point in the difference between being offended by what you understand and somehow being offended by what you were ignorant to, that's all.

    Originally posted by Pattymd View Post
    It doesn't make any difference. If he had a tattoo that said "I Love My Mother" and the employer required it be covered while at work, it would have to be covered while at work. And if that were offensive to people that HATE their mothers, he could require it be covered. And the employer can change the policy at any time. See?


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      And I don't feel badly at ALL that such an acronym was something I was ignorant about (not, to).
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        Tat friendly

        It isn't right for a tat to be seen in the general public IF it has crude nudity, on it, or is offensive to others that must be forced to see it. They don't have to understand the meaning. But they do have to understand that maybe we don't like their STUPID PINK HAT! Maybe we are offended by PINK HATS!


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