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Disability and Unemployment Indiana

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  • Disability and Unemployment Indiana

    We had an employee on Short-term disability (FMLA as well). Her FMLA exhausted 7/29 and she was terminated effective 7/30. She was in the process of qualifying for long-term disability for which she was approved. She has also applied for unemployment. Can she collect both?

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    Being on LTD is basically because the employee cannot work. Therefore, she would not be eligible for unemployment benefits.
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      From the In. UI website:

      Vacation, Severance, Wages in Lieu of Notice, Holiday Pay, Disablity Pay -These types of payments can affect your Unemployment Insurance benefits. Report promptly to your WorkOne Center what you received or will receive.

      Since they are on disability, they are apparently unable to work & would not qualify for UI benefits anyway. You
      have to be ready, willing & able to work.
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