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Adoption in Illinois

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  • Adoption in Illinois

    I have a five and half year old son who has had no contact with his father for four years now, and he does not even know that my husband is his step father. where do i start! well the father and i were never married there was allot of violence, cops were called, police reports, orders of protection, he is now in prison for the second time for the third offense. He now owes a little over nine thousand dollars in child support which i have received two checks in all, no job no nothing. he has bi polor and he had alot of problems with anger and drugs. we both did when we were together, then i quite and got my life straight and i have no been married for almost three years to a man who loves our son very much and supports us fully. i have not been in contact with the father of the minor child for three years since our last court date for child support. my husband and i are ready to get this over with. our son knows nothing different than my husband being his father and he thinks he has two lastnames, since i had changed his lastname when i got awarded full custody of him back in 2002 so he says his name with two lastnames because he knows our lastnames and of course he follows in line with what we say our names are. he also has a half brother since my husband and i had our first child together two years ago and i feel for the little guy he deserves a father like, and my husband deserves to be called his father.

    I would greatly appreciate anyones help . i was wandering if we could file something with the court ourselves, i have also seen in the newspaper an adoption posted in there awaiting a response from the person that they are wishing to terminate rights. or whatever it would be called. or would it be best to try and get him to sign over rights on our own. we could type something up and go to the prison together and have him sign it if he will.

    Mrs. Hebert , ILL

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    I suggest that you contact an attorney. Usually, if bio father's whereabouts are not known, there is a process to do publication service that would be followed. That is why you see those postings. I am going to refer you to and you need to scroll to the IL adoption page and find the stepparent adoption link, or enter it as a search term.