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Illinois Direct Deposit

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  • Illinois Direct Deposit

    I am hoping that someone will know more than me. I am the Human Resources Manager for a company in Iowa that has several temp to hire employees that live in Illinois. I was told today by the temp agency, that Illinois has passed a law requiring all payroll to be processed electronically, whether you work there, or live there. And for those that do not have, or can not open some sort of a bank account, employers will be offering what is called a payroll debit card. My employees are extremely agitated and upset with this. I have searched all of the major news websites, as well as the Illinois DOL site, but cannot find a single story relating to this. Is the agency incorrect in this?

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    Not to my knowledge. Why don't you ask the agency to supply you with the law itself, or a link to it, and at that point, you would be more than happy to review it.
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      I did ask if they could supply me with some public information, ie: a news website or something, and they told me that they weren't sure where to look, it was handed down to them from their corporate offices. They were just told to implement it immediately. Which means that I am to do the same since we have their temps here. I am just not comfortable implementing something that is being called a "mandatory" law in the State of Illinois, with no literature to reference.


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        They might like to think otherwise, but you don't have to change your payroll procedures because of their corporate mandates, their temps or not.
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