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Involuntary Termination of Rights Illinois

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  • Involuntary Termination of Rights Illinois

    My ex-husband has not seen our daughter since January of 2003. He pays child support in the amount of 56.77 per week and $9 of that is for $1000+ in arrerage. My husband wants to adopt her and my ex has refused. Can I force him to give her up and if so what is the best plan of attack? Is there a possibility that the judge will force my daughter to see my ex even if she doesn't want to? She is 6 years old. He has a son that he hasn't seen since 12-00 and before that he hadn't seen him since '97. I would really like some help her, I've been lying awake for months thinking about this. Can someone please give me some good advice?

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    He has paid child support on a regular basis? I would get a lawyer right away. Because he has not had a relationship in 3 years with his daughter. No physical contact. I would check with your state guidelines ASAP. There has to be something you can do.


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      If he is paying support, most states consider that contact. You can consult an attorney but being a bad father is usually not enough in and of itself to terminate parental rights of a parent who provides support who does not want the parental rights terminated.


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        He doesn't pay the support directly to me. It is taken straight out of his check by the department of public aid. Before the support order started I got nothing during the time when he was only making sporadic visits until he made the actual visit.


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          Believe it or not, in many cases this is still considered to be contact. Galling, isn't it?
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