I really need some advice. I was wondering if it is illegal what my superivisor is doing. She singles me out and rolls her eyes and gives me dirty looks. It doen't matter what I am doing to keep busy nothing is ever good enough. She wants me to know that she is incharge. However, i have over active bladder and use the restroom many times a day. I dread calling her to come and relieve myself because of her attitude towards me. She get along fine with everyone else in my department. My co-workers are noticing her unprofessional behavior towards me. I think it all started when I applied for a job internally and then turned it down. I want to know living in Illinois do I have any rights to do something? I have talked to my human resourse manager, but she just gave me ways to talk to my supervisor who intimidates the hell out of me. Any help would be great. I don't think i should have to put up with the favoritism at my work. A co-worker walked in on her the other day talking about me in a negative manner with another co-worker. They were both talking bad about me. Is that right? Seems a little fishy. I am ready to go find another job.