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    Since last posting, I sent my employer a spreadsheet depicting the times I spent performing On Call 24/7 company mandated coverage. Per my manager, I had 15 minutes to respond to any phone calls or email. Needless to say, I refused to allow my personal cell phone to be used for their mandated coverage so they purchased a company cell phone to provide me. That phone was supposed to be on my night stand, during my times while sleeping in case anyone wanted to call. I was assigned 32.5 hours of work time, in the office, again at managements discretion, given a written work requirements sheet, providing their exact intent of what my assignment was. I ended up discussing this situation with a DOL representative and was told to submit my times to the company for payment. Since submitting that to them and letting them know I had discussed the situation with the DOL, I have been changed to an hourly employee and have to punch the time clock, on a daily basis. Due to a demotion the company provided me in late 2004, even though they labeled it as a resturcturing of my job, with my insistance, they decided they had me classified wrongly. I contended I should have been changed to Salaried non-exempt and they responded with hourly. There is a lot more to all of this as I filed a work injury related Workers Comp. case in 2003, of which has caused many difficulties with management since my filing. The 24/7 coverage, which only affected me, came as a result I would not submit a "part time employment" request, that managment requested. I refused to submit any such request and have management email depicting that if I didn't, they had to use other means to either cause that request to be filed or find a way to get me out of the company. I won't go into how I obtained the email chain but it was all very legal. So, after submitting my 24/7 coverage document for the 6 months they had me alone assigned that coverage, they made their calculations and paid 20 hours at time and a half. I have 227.5 hours into that mandated coverage and asked for and finally received their documents showing how they calculated. I recalculated, with my understanding of what the payments should be and they are reviewing at this time. I do not expect any further payments as they are in disagreement with my calculations and want me to furnish them the actual Illinois Labor documents pertaining to payment of 24/7 coverage. After making payment on the first submission, they recalculated my PTO time and took 29 hours away from my earned time, saying I didn't calculate correctly. I had submitted my time to HR as they requested that earlier, knew of the way I calculated and had no response to those calculations. I worked 6.5 hours in the office and when I took a day of vacation, I took off 6.5 hours as I still had the 24/7 duties to perform. Where do I find specific law pertaining to Illinois 24/7 coverage?