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Adjunt Professors -- contract, but w/ regular employee duties

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  • Adjunt Professors -- contract, but w/ regular employee duties

    I'm in Chicago, Illinois. I "work" as a teacher at a university. Each term I sign a contract. I do the exact same things that a "regular" professor does, but I have no idea if in the upcoming semester I will have an income. When I was a substitute teacher in the k-8 public schools, I did not do the same thing that the regular teachers did. I see that as a different situation.

    As I understand, because I am expected at the university to do what the "regular" employees do, and because the university has as complete a "control" over my duties as over the regular employees, I (and other adjuncts) are getting the short end. As I further understand, how much control the company/school has over my duties is the primary consideration of whether I'm a contract or regular emplyee.

    Are adjunct professor in some loophole that I don't know about?