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Question about Salary pay and hours worked.

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  • Question about Salary pay and hours worked.

    Hello, I live in Illinois and work for a small independently owned company. I have been here 3 months. When I first started I was on an hourly pay scale. The second week of employment my employer asked me if I would like to go on salary. He offered me a slight increase for a salary versus a 40 hour paycheck. What I want to know is, if I call in sick or take a day off for a family illness does my employer have to pay me because I'm on salary? If so, am I required to make those hours missed up? I now work more than forty hours a week. About 45-50. My employer says I am not on a 40 hour salary, I am just on "salary" no matter how many hours I work. And what about vacation? Are they required to pay me for vacation. And there is no timeclock or any other means for punching in and out daily. Quick responses would be appriciated. Also, the boss told me I have to work on a Saturday to make up for 1 day he did pay me for a funeral leave. I told him what about all the days I work more than 8 hours? He said he doesnt count by hours, he counts by days. Do I have to work more than forty hours on salary? Is there overtime required? I like my job and employer, I just want to make sure this is fair. Thanks, ricnic

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    Whether you are on salary or not, if you are a nonexempt employee, you still must be paid overtime if you work over 40 hours in a week. What exactly do you do?
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      I am in the water treatment business. Kind of like a plumber. What do you mean by non exempt employee?