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IL-a few questions

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  • IL-a few questions

    I'm new to this forum and have a few questions.

    1)regarding the "exempt" & "non-exempt" employees. I am currently an hourly employee and 5 months out of the year my job gets very busy. My employer had wanted to change me to salary and require me to work 60 hours a week so not have to pay overtime. Can they do that? my salary is between 40,000.00 - 43,000.00.

    2) Is there any regulation on my employer to keep our office in at least "decent" conditions? ie:clean bathrooms, empty garbage. The women's bathroom gets cleaned MAYBE once a month. Our garbage cans get emptied about every 3 days. We have had a problem with mice and have had problems with roaches but that does not seem to phase them. Regarding the bathroom, I do not want to get into specifics but at times it can get so gross that we wait til lunch to go to a gas station (which by the way is cleaner).

    I work for a small company, a total of 10 full time employees. I am a single mom who is trying to find another job but in the meantime I am stuck.

    Thank you for any help
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    1. You cannot be "changed" to exempt status unless your job duties qualify for the exemption. It is likely that, since you are being paid now as a nonexempt employee, your job does not qualify as exempt (otherwise you would be already). If this situation exists, what your employer is proposing is a violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

    2. There may be something in OSHA or your state equivalent, but I admit that this is not my area of expertise. The scary part is that the EMPLOYEES might be detailed to clean the bathrooms.
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