If you live in Illinois or have a child support case in Illinois here is a great support group to join.
The worst thing about having a problem is thinking you are the only one. It makes you stronger to know that someone cares, someone is willing to listen and to educate you about how to collect your child support. This group will be awesome because everyone here has one thing in common "Child Support Problems in Illinois". It is a good place to vent and have others understand what were talking about. We are a great support system for each other. This is the place to share ideas, contact information for CSE & Government Officials and web sites you can visit to obtain information on laws in Illinois. I will also be able to help you with interstate Child Support cases (you live here and the non-custodial parent lives in another state) It is my hope to give you information that you will need to persuade Child Support Enforcement in Illinois to use their enforcement tools that are available.
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