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hours cut, wondering about lunch break

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  • hours cut, wondering about lunch break

    I have been working at this company for 2 1/2 years and I made the owner mad by arguing holiday pay so she also cut my hours. She cut my hours 12-6 so now I have 30 hours instead of 40 well kind of on three of those days I need to leave 30 minutes early because I have to pick up children for daycare so I lose 1 1/2 too. Now I'm at 28 1/2. I called the unemployment office and they said I can collect partial unemployment for the hours she cut me if I make under 283.00 gross for that week. That is why I am wondering how many hours I have to work to get an unpaid break so I can collect the unemployment. I am like 10.00 over that. I can barely live on what I was getting before I definitly can't make it on my new hours. I am looking for another job but until it comes I can't lose my income.

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    The law only requires a meal break if you are working 7.5 hours for the day. However, if the employer requires you to take a meal period, even if the law does not mandate one, you take one.
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