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  • little help (illinois)

    1. my wife was granted temporary possession of my car with out prejudice to me. whitch was purchased 2 months before marridge and we were married for 4 years.know she has recked my car and the insurance has never been in here name. what am i responsible for 2. she also has temporary custody of our two kids . court order states tha neither party shall have an unrelated member of the opposite sex spend the night when the children are in either of our care. she has had a live in boyfriend sence she moved out and she had his name taken off the lease. and i pay temporary maintenance.she made her best friend made and she called and told me everything that went onand she wants to go to court for me.what should i expect i also have more info that he is living there. and last her friend told me she left the kids in the house watching a movie upstair so they would not know she left to go pick up the car she had fixed before the accident becuse the kids would not fit in the truck and she thougt her friend was to bissy. the kids are 4 and 2. thanks

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    get proof of the live-in boyfriend as a violation of the court order and go seek temporary custody of the kids, then to be the custodial parent; also, you may want to see if the wife is insurable because of her driving record

    I think the car thing is because she has the kids, so if you can get the kids back, that may help getting the car back