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Commission + hours listed on paycheck

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  • Commission + hours listed on paycheck

    Wage and Hour laws

    Are the number of hours worked required to be on a biweekly paycheck?

    Kevin works at a spa as a massage therapist. He has scheduled hours to be there 4 days per week. The only flexibility to the scheduled hours is that he may leave an hour early if no appointments are made for the last hour of his shift. He is paid a 45% commission on services and tips. No base pay or benefits.

    I wonder if his employer should be including the number of hours he was present at work so that we can make sure that he is being paid at least minimum wage. Are there any laws related to this in Illinois for tipped employees or for commission only employees?


    Another post by Lillian Connell and other professionals answered my other question - he should have been compensated for a mandatory team building meeting on his day off, during which they watched the hockey movie - Miracle. I think the spa / salon owners are just enthusiastic, not necessarily abusive.
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    According to my source book, Illinois only requires that itemized deductions be listed on the pay stub. It does not require hours.
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