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boss changed my timecard

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  • boss changed my timecard

    Illinois-I have my first boss and then the boss over her well my boss's boss came over to "check on the timecards to make sure people are getting their holiday pay" well after she looked at them I went to check mine and she had taken off 7 1/2 hours that I worked. I told my boss and she didn't anything so now I'm trying to find out if she can do this if not I have to call my divisional headquarters. This has happened before but like if I come in 10 minutes before I'm supposed to work (which the staff was told to do so) I clock in for those 10 minutes cuz I start working then. Well she will take the timecard and like if i come in at 6:50 she will move it to 7:00 everytime. I really need help with this. I can't find any laws against it.

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    Federal wage and hour laws (the Fair Labor Standards Act) requires employers to keep accurate records of all time worked for non-exempt (hourly paid) employees AND to pay them for all the time they work. If your timecard is being altered and you're not being paid for all your work time, your recourse is to file a complaint with your State's Department of Labor if the company won't straighten this out voluntarily.