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  • Unethical Company

    There are a few things going on with the current (not for profit) company that I am working for. What happened is that I am currently a non-exempt employee who was working 30 hours a week which keeps me as a full-time employee.

    My company didn't like the fact that they are paying medical insurance, vacation time/ sick personal time, holidays, etc. to me since I am very close to being partime. So the HR person supposedly started to watch my arrival times and departure times for work and came to me and said that I have not been putting 30 hours in and that I am lying on my timesheets.

    I completely disagree with what he's saying and now he wants me to 1) sign 2 documents that say I was lying on my timesheets and I will be put on probation for 6 months and that I have to check in and out with people when I arrive, leave and go to lunch.

    And now all of a sudden they are changing the employee handbook to read that to be a fulltime employee you have to work 37 1/2 hours and that they will not provide fringe benefits to people under 37 1/2 hours.

    So.....I was sick lastweek and used a sick day then on halloween I used a personal day and they didn't pay it to me (this is time that I have accrued throughout the year). Mind you I have been with this company for over six years. Now they are saying that once I sign the document stating the changes of the Employee handbook that they will give me everything I have accrued (vacation/sick time). But I noticed on my last paycheck that it was different from the previous one and that they shorted me like 7 hours.

    There is soooooo much more to this story but needless to say I could go on and on.

    So now I ended up signing the 2 documents but I put that I did not lie about my timesheets and that the only reason that I am signing the document is because I was told that if I didn't I would be terminated.

    Now I am waiting to see what they say....... Any thoughts????

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    The ball is in your employer's court. Fair or not, if they wish to discipline you for falsifying your timesheet, they can. If they wish to change their policy so that only employees working 37-1/2 hours/week enjoy company benefits, they can do that too.