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Illegal Payroll Deductions

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  • Illegal Payroll Deductions

    Recently my employer, without my knowledge or consent, authorized the controller and his assistant to withhold from my paycheck $1900. That left me with a direct deposit of $178 for that paydate.

    The $1900 was the total of two prior paydays that they say I had been 0verpaid. They say that I had been overpaid for two pay periods due to the controller's erroneous direct deposits.

    What actually happened was that they had changed my tax deductions on those two paydates, which ended up decreasing my net pay by $770 per check.

    The following paycheck contained several more deductions that took place without my knowledge and consent.

    This was kind of the last straw for this company and I will not be going back. However, they have withheld my last check, not to mention not rectifying the prior checks and the deductions that they took the liberty of taking without my knowledge. I have repeatedly requested that these be rectified to no avail.

    I will be consulting an attorney on Monday,as it would appear that they have violated several Federal and State Wage and deductions laws.

    Since the President, Controller, and his assistant, not to mention our CPA, who is a stockholder, are all aware of this and have not done anything to rectify, am I to assume that they could all be faced with possible legal ramifications? Especially since our CPA has certain guidelines that he must uphold to retain his license.

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    Sounds like you need to file a wage claim.
    Click link for help