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PLEASE....Help me get started in Illinois

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  • PLEASE....Help me get started in Illinois

    I'm currently 20 weeks pregnate and would like to get some information so I can collect child support in Illinois. Where do I start? When do I start? I would like to get started with the procedures ASAP!

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    Once the child is born, the father should allow his name on the birth certificate. Then you start a process to establish paternity, then establish child support and visition/custody. In most states, there are Title IV courts and prosecutors or state's attorneys who will assist. If not, you can pursue it on your own.


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      If the child does not have the last name of the father (carries the mother last name) would that make it difficult to collect child support.

      What procedure should I follow. I just found out that my unborn baby's father is married he is willing to pay me 200.00 every two weeks but I'm sure that I'm can receive more than that if I go through the courts. he's worked on his job over 20 years (gas co.)
      We now have no contact after he found out that I was pregnate and now he wants to keep it from his wife.

      I do not trust him after this entire ordeal and am determined to collect support legally. I have NO CLUE where to start!


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        Call the local prosecutor's or state's attorneys office. They should be able to put you in touch with the folks who establish child support in the TITLE IV sections. You cannot really collect child support until there is a child though.


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          Fathers last name??????????

          But... Will it make it difficult to collect support if the baby doen not carry the fathers last name? I dont want want to make it difficult at the end.


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            That does not matter.