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Child Support/Giving Up Parental Rights - Illinois

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  • Child Support/Giving Up Parental Rights - Illinois

    My 5 month old sons dad is basically worthless... I was just wondering if he gives up his parental rights if he'd still have to pay child support, or what the laws are about all of this?

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    i tried to get my son dad to sign his rights off i was told there needs to be no contact for aleast 2 years and then i heard they can still be responsible to pay child support


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      If he gives up parental rights, no more child support. Another option is to have you be the parent with sole custody and to give him no visitation but usually he has to have no contact with the child, or have some issues or in jail or something like that for that to be granted.


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        i have lots of jail and prison issues here going on and he wants vistitaion after only calling once for him , write back


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          Havent heard from dad in 4years.

          I have had a child support case opened in TX for the last 4-5 years, since then, I havent heard anything from the child support office. In my case I remarried and would like my husband to adopt my son as his, but in order to do that we need his biological father to give up his parental rights to me. I'm also scared that the father will want visitation rights after all these years, and this is something my husband and I do not want.


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            TPR's and step-parent adoptions generally go hand in hand and done at one time so it shouldn't really be an issue. A local attorney could advise you best