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Own business & apply for unemployment

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  • Own business & apply for unemployment

    I'm from Illinois. An employee of ours had to be fired for gross misconduct, but we did not have a lot of documentation. He's been awarded unemployment. We want to appeal based on the fact that he has his own side business. He used to keep his equipment here and work on the weekends. I read that he can't have unemployment and own his own business, but someone else told me that wasn't true. Also, do you know any good websites were I can find more information on fighting unemployment. Thank you!

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    I don't know what IL statutes read; in my state you can collect unemployment and work up to 20 hours a week at your own business. After that, it is considered to be interfering with a job search and you lose your benefits.

    By all means appeal; the worst that can happen is that you lose and he continues to collect. Sorry, I don't know of any websites of the type you mention.
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