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Unemployed over a year so no benefits Illinois

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  • Unemployed over a year so no benefits Illinois

    I have been unemployed for a year. I recently read that unemployment comp was extended to 72 weeks.

    I recently received a notice from IDES, that since it's been a year, a new claim has to be opened.

    Then a received a notice that I will not receive benefits under the new claim because I didn't work in the last year!

    This doesn't make sense. What''s the point of extending benefits over a year if you are going to deny claims based on not working?

    Anyone have any answers or went through the same thing?

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    The gobment, in its great and awsome wis dumb, does things that have no reason or comprehension to us mere mortals. Go in and fill out the paperwork. You just might be amazed at what they will find.

    My (soon to be ex) wife is going to college with her full unemployment check to get her degree. Never mind that the loss of her regular salary has removed the ability to make the house payment. (Much less her drive to find work in her regular field. )