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  • Lay off Illinois

    I was hired by Texas based company in January 2007 to work for a Client side support in Chicago, Unfortunately I am the only one been lay off from the account giving me an economical reason by my manager and he walk me out of the building without explaining what to do next and keeping a 3 months Contractor who is still working on a project which I am also capable of doing it.
    I donít consider it a Civilized way of taking an employee thrown out of the job not giving him another chance.
    My life is suddenly upside down and it is not really fun time to look for jobs I was a very responsible employee with no complains or any issues or warnings and I did not even think that this is going to happen to me like this.
    I am not sure what to do but I am looking forward to open positions and I need to know if there is any labor law helping me in this situation.


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    Based on your post, this is no wrongful/illegal termination. You can be terminated in at-will employment at any time for any reason (seems economic in your case) except for a reason prohibited by law (ie age, religion, gender) or unless you have a binding employment contract or CBA to the contrary.

    You need to apply for unemployment ins. & look for other employment. Good luck.
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