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Employers rescheduling other interviews Illinois

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  • Employers rescheduling other interviews Illinois

    I am currently employed and just recently finished school for what I hope to become my career. My employer claimed to be very supportive of any time I needed off for interviews (my new career is not competition for my current job).When it came time for my final interview at a promising company, I informed my boss of the time I needed off and she okayed it. When I left the office to run errands that were related to my job, my current boss called the company I was going to interview at and demanded they reschedule my interview to get it off of "her time". She never told me that she did this, I learned from the other company that they received a call and "if" they could find a new time they would but in the mean time my interview was cancelled. Is this legal in Illinois?
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    Based on your post, I see nothing illegal done by either employer.
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      Agree. Tacky, maybe, but not illegal.
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