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Unemployed offered a part-time job Illinois

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  • Unemployed offered a part-time job Illinois

    I stumbled across this site in pursuit of finding an answer to my question. I perused through various threads to try and find my answer, but I figured I ought to just post my question here and see what people have to say (or link me to).

    I was let go from my job in December of last year in Chicago, IL. In March, I moved to DC to find another job. I still collect unemployment as of now from IL.

    I have been presented with a job that will be just over the summer (it's full time for the summer, but it's guaranteed to end in August). I was also offered an opportunity to work for an unpaid job that does not have an end date.

    My questions are as follows:

    1. Does the unpaid job affect my unemployment?
    2a. If I take the paid job over the summer, will I be able to collect unemployment post the job?
    2b. If this is the case, what do I do to notify IL of this change?
    3. If the job pays less than my current unemployment before taxes, do I make up the difference over the duration of the job?
    4. If the job pays less than my current unemployment after taxes (but not before), do I make up any difference?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I am not a UI expert, but one potential issue is that to the extent you have a job or jobs (unpaid or otherwise) it raises the question of whether or not you are both actually available for work and actively looking for a new job.

    I am sure that other responders can see other possible issues.
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      What is an unpaid job? Seriously. What would you be doing and what type of business would you be doing it for? Not the name of the company, please.
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