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what should I expect when fired in Illinois

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  • what should I expect when fired in Illinois

    I was recently fired from my job. I was pulled into a room, and accused of wrong doing. I was then walked to the door, and my personal belongings where delivered to my door. My question is, I was never given any paper work, nothing! I don't even know what the exact reason I was fired for. I know I was accused, but I don't know if that is what I was fired for. When I was fired, did my employeer legally have to give my any paper work. And since they didn't, am I not legally fired right now? I need some help on this one. Thanks.

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    There is no law in Illinois that requires you be given anything in writing from the employer regarding why or even if you were fired. You were verbally discharged, so that's enough. All I can recommend is that you file for unemployment on Monday. Sorry.
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