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Is this legal in Idaho?

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  • Is this legal in Idaho?

    Hi! I was living in Nampa Idaho with my brother-in-law. A member of our church hired my brother-in-law. Well it turns out his boss has hired all white members of our church except one non-church mexican member. He also dosen't hired people with tattoos on their arms. Is this Legal?

    question 2: My brother-in-law's boss holds a meeting ever tuesday morning, and a Co-worker came in 3 minutes late and the boss told this Co-worker he's taking 5% out of his pay check. They get paid on hourly as well as commisson. Can they do that?

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    Idaho Questions

    In reference to your first question, hiring only white persons may be discriminatory under federal law. You can read more about it at: North Carolina has a few discrimination laws but nothing specific to race or national origin.

    Since 3 minutes is 5% of an hour, deducting that time is a legal practice.
    Lillian Connell

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