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  • Discrimination Idaho

    On May 24, 2006 I had knee surgery. When I returned to work I was put on light duty work. My supervisor was on board with all of this. June 20, 2006 I was called into the office and told I had three choices: 1) return to work with no medical restrictions, 2) have knee replacement surgery now, 3) or take a leave of absences. On June 21, 2006 I was called into the office and told I was being terminated. I was told that I was a liability to the company. In the State Of Idaho can a company legally do this?

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    There is not quite enough info to go on here.

    How many employees? How long have you worked there? How much time have you missed in the past year? Was this injury WC related? Is it a temporary injury or is there an underlying disability associated with it? Were you able to do your job? What were your restrictions and how long did your doctor indicate they would last?

    Generally speaking employers are not obligated to offer light duty and if they do offer it, they may limit the duration.
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