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Got a question regarding TDI in the State of Hawaii

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  • Got a question regarding TDI in the State of Hawaii

    I recently went into surgery and because I have the ability to work from home I was never required to go on Temporay Disability Insurance (TDI).

    Now my company, for some reason changed their mind and now wants me on TDI. At first they said TDI will only pay 58% of my pay and I can work the remaining hours so I can get paid the same. However, the Financial Dir. did some research and found that it is illigal in the State of Hawaii to get paid both by TDI and your employer.

    She gave me the option to either go on TDI and not get paid the same or come into the office and work which is pretty much impossible for me to do.

    For the past 3 years of working for this company I have worked at home, on the weekends, after hours and whenever my boss would call me to do something - this is all from home. I found it strange that they knowing my situation change the rules all of a sudden and now my boss will not allow me to work from home, even though technically I can.

    Question 1: Is it illigal in the State of Hawaii to get TDI and work?

    Question 2: Is it right what my company is doing to me being that I could get a full paycheck because I do have the ability to work from home and have been doing it for the past 3 years.


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    As it doesn't sound like you really always worked from home, just did so occassionally, yes it is legal to require you do continue this arrangement in order to be paid. They do not have to allow you to work from home FT just because it is technically possible.

    I'd be highly surprised if it was legal to collect TDI and be paid by your employer as well. If you can work in order to collect the supplemnt, you aren't totally disabled and in need of TDI.
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