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New Teacher Needs Paycheck

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  • New Teacher Needs Paycheck

    I have been an elementary teacher here in Hawaii for 2 weeks. I only got my new hire packet in the mail 3 days ago and so have been filling it all out. I wanted to get it in the mail the next day but there were spaces my principal needed to fill in. I was told by the office that she is out until next week. So next week when it finally gets submitted they told me it will be AT LEAST six weeks until I get a paycheck!!! I don't know how I will survive that long. Does anyone know if this is legal or what I can do about it? Thanks so much.

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    Many if not most States have a minimum requirement for pay freqency - sometimes it's semi-monthly; other States require no less than once a month. A search at Hawaii's DOL site did not reveal what their requirement is so I suggest you give your DOL a call and inquire.

    Having to wait two months for your first paycheck is ridiculous.