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Physical Assault by Manager (Hawaii)

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  • Physical Assault by Manager (Hawaii)


    The office manager where I work grabbed me HARD by both my arms below my shoulders in an attempt to force me into an office so we could discuss a verbal disagreement we had. I pulled away the first time, she did it again, then she grabbed me hard by my wrist & tried to force me into an office.

    I pulled back, saying, "Don't get physical with me!" I ended up talking in the office with her, and said whatever I had to, just to get out and leave.

    I've reported the incident to our VP, but have yet to call him back to discuss.

    Is her action illegal? Do I have recourse?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Your recourse is to file a police report as well. Follow up with the VP as soon as possible. This must not occur again.
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