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Breaks in Hawaii

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  • Breaks in Hawaii

    I am one of four managers in a major retail chain and was wanting to know the labor laws for minors as well as non minors when it comes to how many hours they have to work in order to get a 10 min break, lunch break and if we can hold them after a schedualed shift in order to complete closing the store at night ie cleaning and folding if such is not done completely yet. This also runs into the problem if we hold them an extra hour which has happened recently wouldn't we be required to give them such break, so what is the point of keeping them latter. Are laws being violated? A conserned Manager

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    As mentioned in the other post, Hawaii has several child labor restrictions. However, non appear to be related to retail hours. You can read through the manual linked in the other forum in order to be sure of that.

    Hawaii doesn't offer many protections in the area of state wage and hour regulations. It is an employer friendly state.
    Lillian Connell

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