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    I am being denied unemployment benefits due to being fired for attempting to use Company Credit Card,I have been denied benefits but have not gone thru the appeals process.

    I worked for a company for 4 years; I have never been in trouble in other words an excellent employee (better than excellent, worked 50+ hours a week). A week before my firing I was pulled into the office and asked if I had been on this certain website or tried to use the company credit card, I answered no as I had not done any of these things. I have access to the company credit card along with several different people with in the company. I was call into the office a week after this incident and was told I was being terminated due to that I had created a false email account of an past employee and that I tried to use the company credit card to pay for a service to unlock a cell phone thru an on line service. (The company paid for my personal cell phone) They told me that they had proof that it was linked to my computer that I use. I assured them that this was the craziest thing that I had heard of and of course this information was false. My computer that I use in this office was semi secure but not totally, meaning it is at my desk and there is a password but only to turn on the computer; once the password is entered the computer is active unless it is turned off. I am often away from my computer in meetings and such. I did have access to the company credit card as I had for years but had only used it with permission. None of this makes sense to me, I was a great employee and never would I do a thing like this. Not to mention I have lost my job but now I can not receive unemployment benefits. What am I going to tell my next employer?

    Do you feel I have a chance to win my appeal? I still am in disbelief that this has happened to me and can not even think of how or who would have done this. This false information is going to haunt me for a while an I truly can not put my thoughts together on how this could happen to me and dont know where to go from here.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    All you can do is appeal - the ALJ will make the decision whether you receive benefits or not. Just tell the truth during the appeal process - that's about the only advice I know to give you. There's no way we can know which way the appeal will go.
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