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Unemployment appeals Georgia

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  • Unemployment appeals Georgia

    I am going to file my second appeal with the state of Ga for unemployment. I was told previously the reason I left my last job didn't qualify for unemployment compensation.
    My wife (who makes $40,000 a year more than I do and was 2 month pregnant with our first child) was transferred from Ga to TX. The state tells me that is not a valid reason to leave my job and we should have just separated instead.
    I gave my last employer a 1 month notice and did try to transfer myself but there were no openings.
    The state says only military family's can receive benefits if the spouse is transferred and 1 spouse has to leave their job.
    So I guess the state wanted me to either separate or divorce my spouse instead?

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    No, the state probably expected (rightly or wrongly) for you to not quit your job in GA before you found another one in TX. Or for your spouse to decline a job offer when you didn't have one in the area to go to as well. Or for you to commute on weekends or try to make the situation work until you DID get a job in Texas.

    Some states DO provide for UI benefits if a worker quits a job to follow the spouse to another location for a job (known as the trailing spouse provision). Georgia, apparently, does not. Sorry, but we don't make the laws or necessarily support the logic (or lack thereof) of said laws.

    I'm not sure what good another appeal will do you; the law in Georgia is what it is, and pointing out the presumed inequity of their laws isn't going to allow the state to override them.
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      I wish i had the time to find another job before we left. From acceptance to move date was 3 weeks and 5 days.
      In hind sight it was not a good move. 1 year to the day they moved us out there they moved us right back to Atlanta.
      So I did what was right for my family and just need to find the way to convince the state the laws on the books don't make any sense.
      As someone who has paid into UI for 35 years and never filed a claim I hoped it wouldn't be such a pain to get the help I need.


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        Well, no, YOU never paid into UI in Georgia. UI is paid by employers ONLY in your state and almost every other state.

        But, here's what you're not seeing. Even if the hearing officer/ALJ agrees with you 100% that the law should provide for the "trailing spouse" provision, the fact is that it does not. The HO cannot ignore the law because he doesn't agree with it.
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          If you want to change the laws, you need to talk to your representatives. All we can do is sympathize.

          Second, you as an employee havent paid a dime to unemployment. Employers pay 100% in the form of UI insurance (or some public organizations pay for claims as they go). Employees do not pay into UI.
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