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Denied unemployment Pt 2 Georgia

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  • Denied unemployment Pt 2 Georgia


    You were pretty much spot-on with my situation.

    For those interested, I did appeal...several times. I was turned down each time. The first time, there was a problem with my employer's connection and when he reconnected, I was told to give my closing arguements. The entire call took less than 6 minutes even though I was told it would probably be around 20-30. I felt rushed but I stated my case as best I could (I even consulted my father who is an attorney) and thought I made a pretty good case. My employer chose not to add anything and a week later I received a ruling saying I was denied.

    Unlike most families, we only had one vehicle because my wife can't drive and my daughter isn't old enough. I didn't have a valid credit card with which to rent a car, I have no friends with cars in the city, there is no public transportation, and the few family members who live locally were unwilling to help me out. I even asked a fellow employee who lived not far from me if I could get a ride. Everyone said it would be "inconvenient" or they "didn't have the time". The car itself was purchased barely a year before all this happened and I maintained it so I - and the dealership - were pretty much at a loss to explain what happened to the engine. They believed there was a defect and ultimately approved repairs but it was too late as far as my employer was concerned.

    What really bugged me the most was that I was in constant contact with them and was treated as if there wasn't a problem but to let them know when
    my car was fixed. I did everything they asked and then found out that missing more than a single day of work was no excuse as they were sure I had other options. They didn't care or understand that I did everything in my power to speed up the repair process or just to get to work. Afterwards, they contested my unemployment claim which they didn't have to do under the circumstances. I felt that I had been misled and lied to and as a result this entire year had been a struggle just to survive.

    The state took my daughter a few weeks prior to all (my wife had a pending court case and although she's been assured there would be no time served even if she lost, DFaCS didn't believe I'd be able to take care of my child given my work schedule if her mother went to jail) of this and then denied us welfare because she wasn't living with us anymore. After two months, we're still waiting for food stamps and keep being informed we have to reapply over and over because of some mistake. We're living on the generosity of family and food banks and are barely paying for utilities by doing odd jobs here and there after exhausting our IRA and savings. I've applied to over 100 jobs but I've only had two interviews and both times was told that they had applicants who were better suited after a two-week wait.

    Anyway, so that's how this all ended and I'm surprised I haven't put a bullet through my head by now. It's probably just a matter of time.

    Thanks for listening and for everyone's advice.

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    I'm not sure what you want us to tell you at this point, except good luck to you; I would not have expected the call to go any longer than it did. The situation was pretty clear and although you may have had good reasons for not being able to come to work, the reasons were not anything the employer had any control over and, as such, were disqualifying reasons for UI benefits.
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