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Never Received My Copy Separation Notice - Georgia

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  • Never Received My Copy Separation Notice - Georgia

    Thank you in advance for any advice.

    To make a very long story short, my last day of employment was 1/30/09. My employer had known since 10/28/08 that my employment would be ending at the end of January, after which I was moving from Georgia to Illinois. Prior to my last day, I filled out an internal company form to officially change my address from the Georgia address to the Illinois address, so that I would be able to receive my last paychecks. I have the paycheck stubs to prove that my last two paychecks were correctly sent to the new Illinois address.

    At the end of February I requested (again - prior attempts were ignored) a copy of my employee file from the corporate office, and received my file via mail on 3/6/09. Within my employee file, was a copy of my Georgia Separation Notice, dated 3/3/09. I have still not received my own copy of the Separation Notice. The only copy I have is the photocopy in my employee file.

    It is my understanding that an employer must fill out the Separation Notice, and ideally, give it to the employee on their last day of work, if it is known, which it my case it was. It is also my understanding that if not give to the employee on the last day, the employer has three days to complete the Separation Notice and mail it to the employees last known address.

    As I am currently involved in an unemployment appeal, I am wondering what, if any, consequences there are to the employer for still not furnishing me with my copy of the Separation Notice? Can this help my appeal?

    It may be helpful to know also, that my employee file is full of lies and untruths, missing documents that I submitted to HR, and contains documents allegedly presented to me, which never were. The reason given on my Separation Notice is also blatantly untrue, but I'm not sure if that is relevant for the purposes of my overall question.

    Thanks again for any advice!

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    Maybe a small fine, maybe just a slap on the wrist. The fact is that, even though they didn't provide it to you, you have a copy of it now, since it was provided as part of your personnel file you requested.

    Are you filing against your Georgia employer or because of a termination from a job in Illinois?
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      Thanks for the info. Would this be relevant to bring up in my appeal? To answer your question, the company is based in IL, but the job was in GA.


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        Personally, I don't think it's relevant. What you have to contest is WHY the employer says you are no longer employed, not the fact that you didn't get the notice as required. Just my $.02.
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