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Received a denial letter for UI Benefits from the state of GA - help! Georgia

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  • Received a denial letter for UI Benefits from the state of GA - help! Georgia

    I am not sure where to being... and honestly I am completely confused now!

    I now live in Arizona, and was laid off from my employer here in Arizona at the end of April 2009. I immediately filed for UI Benefits with the state of Arizona, but I received a letter from them stating that I did not make enough money in Arizona to receive benefits (I moved to Arizona in Aug 2008 from Georgia). When I called the Arizona office, the lady told me that I would need to give information about my employment in GA. Over the phone she helped me file my claim with GA. A week or so passed and a received a letter for the state of GA telling me that I made enough, I would receive this much per week, etc. This letter was followed by another letter letting me know there was a problem and that I needed to contact them, and finally today (5/23/09) I received a denial letter from the state of GA.

    A little more background. Due to the economy starting to fail, in July 2008, I had to make the hard decision of returning home to my parents in Arizona, or living on the street in Atlanta, GA. I couldn't find a second job or a high paying job to keep me there. So I decided to return to Arizona. The beginning of Aug 2008 I gave I gave my employer in Atlanta a 3 week notice. When asked why, I told them because I could no longer afford to live in Atlanta (I worked for a publication, as a classified sales rep, 75% commission based). Aug 11 I left work early not feeling well and on Aug 12 when I called in sick, I was told although it was evident that I was sick the day before, that I didn't need to bother coming back - by the publisher. (side note: the publisher no longer works for the company.. I was told by an ex co-worker.. that he himself had been fired). So I was released from my employer 9 days before my notice period. On Aug 26th I returned to my parents in Arizona and by Sept 10th I found employment at a publication here in Arizona, which I worked at until April 23, when I was laid off due to the economic hardship they are now feeling.

    Now that I have the denial letter, it says that I can appeal, but it does not say how to appeal the decision. What do I need to do?

    Also I have been told I can do something that uses multi-states to do the claim, but I don't understand it.. also I was told its a very lengthy process. Any information on that would be helpful!

    Thank you for your time in Advance!

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    unemployment ins. appeal info - Ga.
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